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Insurance Agents You'll Enjoy Talking To.

Many insurance agents specialize in hard sells. They often won't stop talking…until you sign up for something.

Palmer-Tanno is different.

Instead of being pushy, we're friendly.  We listen.  And, we believe in relationships, not hard sells.

For example, if you call during office hours, you'll get a live person, not a machine. Our partners even answer their own phones.

We prefer to treat our clients like family, rather than policy numbers. In fact, clients even call to ask for advice on personal problems that have nothing to do with insurance. Read More...

There are cheaper options. But cheapest isn't always the right choice.   You can get quotes online, read through a lot of fine print, and try to puzzle out which policies are best for you. It's time consuming, and it's confusing.  And those policies may not meet your needs and those of your family or business.  Or, they may be from companies you never heard of.

Why not have someone else do the work?  Tell us what you need, and we'll find it for you.

Just call us at 914-793-6600 or send an email.


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