What is Palmetto Posting?

We're bringing the simplicity and efficiency of technology to the delinquent tax posting process. 

Founded in 2006 we have developed a patent-pending process and custom software that modernizes the posting process with GPS and other technologies allowing counties to post more notices and collect taxes faster.  Our dedication to a higher standard means counties collect taxes sooner while maintaining the compliance required by law. 


50+ Counties and growing

For over 10 years, we have been able to help our clients collect delinquent taxes up to 80% faster year over year. That's because on average, we process and post nearly triple the number of postings during the same period over traditional posting methods.

That's why over 50 counties rely on us to streamline their process.

Meet the team

Our corporate office is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to providing the best and most efficient solutions to delinquent tax collections. We are a passionate team focused on community and family both inside and outside the office. 



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